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Im about to finish 4th semester (2nd in the ib program) and i just realized I will be staying in my hometown for college so i have no use for the ib diploma anymore. I'm conflicted as to whether I should drop out or not since the hard part (EE and IAs) have not even started but I already did a full year of the program. I made a PROS and CONS list for staying but i still don't know what I should do.


  1. Only a year left, I already know how the program works. 
  2. I am getting good grades
  3. It helps me learn more in topics that I have an interest in. 
  4. It lowkey makes me feel good about myself bcus you know *academic validation* 


  1. The hardest part hasn't even started and im already tired. 
  2. I have no functional use for the diploma lol. 
  3. If I drop out I would still remain in most of the classes because I like them but I wouldnt get the diploma. 


I can think of a 100 more reasons both good and bad but I really dont know what to do and I have 3 weeks to decide....



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If you have started with something and are halfway through, put your efforts and complete it. You never know how the diploma would be useful in future. Life is super dynamic and can change anytime. You might be looking to settle at your home town now. But you never know when you'll have to move away from your home town for better opportunities. A half completed diploma and course will not help you in any way and you'll also regret a lot about it. I'd say just do it off. DON"T QUIT!

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