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Requesting imput in regarding the structue of my RQ .


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Hi everyone.......


so currently I am writing my RQ and finishing up my EE perosal and was wondering if my RQ is still to vague on the idea , for my RQ I have selected to research category B in which covers social lingustic of the language .

e.g. of my current RQ : How has scocial media affect the language structure in terms of verbal communication amongst teenagers in Australia ?

backup RQ : how has social media affected teenagers in Australia english language in terms of verbal communication at an academic level ?

Idea : Wanting to cover about the change in communication and the effect it has on the meaning in the English Vocabulary. Also, when new words are used on social media, the existing language is used less. As a result, the negative effects that social media changing language push to create obstacles to communicate, become poorer in vocabulary, and have a possibility to return to communication through symbols.

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