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English Literature using a fantasy work


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I am in the early process of figuring out my EE topic. Ideally, I want to do it in English A lang/lit, and have recently got the inspiration for an idea, but I'm not confident that it's a good one.

'The Stormlight Archives' by Brandon Sanderson is a fantasy series that I'm quite passionate about. One of its core themes is mental health, with many (most) of its main characters dealing with various mental health issues, depicted in a (by my subjective standards) faithful and creative manner, and even to a degree integrated into the magic system.

However, due to the extraordinary circumstances inherent to the fantasy setting, as well as what I feel to be a general lack of literary devices in the book (as its author's focus is on creating a living-breathing world and a compelling story), I am uncertain if using it in an EE would be plausible or well-advised.

If anyone is familiar with the author's works, or feels like they can provide an answer bases on my my description above, I would strongly appreciate some input.

Thanks in advance

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