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Help, need some advice!!!

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So I'm in ib dp1, take chem hl, eng A sl, german ab initio sl, physics sl, math aa hl, history hl and music (as a 7th subject just for myself). And I feel like I'm failing ib. I'm good with I'm not rly good at my subjects but I'm sure I can pull them up if I try harder. The thing is PHYSICS. I got 1 on my last test ( and usually get low grades such as 3). Idk what to do. I thought I still have time to improve before next year and then realised that I will need predicted grades in the beginning of next year for my uni application. So if I start now will they give me good ones? Overall what do u think bout it? 


Also the thing is technically I can drop phys and continue with music bc my grades are higher in music, but it's beneficial to have physics for my major( engineering), though not a requirement. What do you think, should I drop physics or just try harder?


Thank you!

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