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For my History IA, I assessed the impacts of WW2 on neutral countries economies (specifically netherlands). I dont know if your interested in this but if you change the question a bit I guess you can use it for your EE. I would really advise you doing something that you are REALLY interested in. So if your a sports fanatic, try seeing how WW2 had an effect on your favourite sport. If you're into gender equality then do how WW2 affected the role of women in, for example, England (Gender and WW2 is a really used topic for EE). 

Here are a few questions relating to WW2 (they were originally made for History IAs, but could be used for a EE; obviously before u use any one of them consult ur supervisor):

The final years of the British Mandate in Palestine 1945-48

  1. To what extent did the Nazi persecution of Jews contribute to the Jewish immigration to Palestine?

  2. How effective were Zionist terrorist groups in forcing the British to leave Palestine?

  3. To what extent was the expulsion of Palestinians from their villages official Zionist policy?

Second World War in Europe and North Africa 1939-45

  1. To what extent did Germany integrate the economic resources of conquered areas into its economy during the Second World War?

  2. How did US and British military strategy in western Europe in 1944-5 differ from military strategy used by the USSR in eastern Europe during the same period?

Second World War in Asia and the Pacific 1941-45

  1. How were the civilian populations on Japanese occupied islands in the Pacific Ocean affected by the Second World War?

  2. Was the Battle of the Coral Sea or Midway the more important battle for the USA?

  3. To what extent was Japan’s defeat during the Second World War the result of its occupation of China?

  4. How did Japan’s puppet-states in China contribute to Japan’s wartime economy during the Second World War?

  5. Which anti-Japanese resistance movement in Japanese occupied territories used guerilla warfare most effectively?

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