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EE help on psychology/biology topics


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Hi guys, I have to hand in a EE proposal soon, but I still can't think of a topic. I also have to keep in mind that I am pursuing a career in medicine so any topics related to medicine would be a plus.

I'm interested in either biology and psychology (and I am getting good grades in both so I think I can do well in either if I have a good topic), here are my potential topics/problems:


- Bacteria? (However it seems to be done many times in the past, also it will be super time taxing and difficult especially considering the covid situation)
- neuroscience? (But I'm not sure how I can incorporate it into a bio ee, not sure how to make it an experiment)


- Something like (To what extent do parents’ discipline style influence the temperament of the children? How far is intelligence determined by heredity or how far is it malleable?) -> The problem with psych is that it doesn't connect with medicine too much, and I've heard that psych ee's are harder to argue and get a good grade.

Any advice from people that have taken psych or bio ee, or have any useful advice at all will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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