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URGENT: MATH IA HELP (Predicting outcome of a football/soccer tournament)


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Hi guys I have a math Ia due by the end of this week, and I basically am not close to finishing. Im using probability and statistics to find the outcome of a football (Soccer) tournament. I need to find ways on how to do this. So far I used the poisson distribution to predict outcome of matches, but does anyone know how I can use the graphs in my IA (like how should I analyse it). And im also looking for other methods of calculating a match outcome, one where there is only loss or win for the knockout stages. The tournament I am predicting is the Euros 2020. Yes I know it has passed, but I'm trying to see how accurate can I be in predicting it. Any feedback is appreciated, even an Idk lol.

Thanks everyone 

+ Is poisson distribution enough for my IA, I do math AA if that has to do with anything. 

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