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Spare Time in Pre-IB and IB Program

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I am a (potential) new student for the IB program @VPCI (I am torn between an offer from Crescent School and IB @VPCI). But, hypothetically, if I were to go to IB @VPCI, how much spare time would I have to participate in co-curriculars, contests, clubs, AP classes, etc. I'm just curious so that I can definitely decide on which school I should go to.


Edit: The extracurriculars @VPCI look pretty nice, so that messes up my ability to make a definite choice even more...


There's also "myths" of people saying that there's no time for sleep in IB...

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On 3/1/2022 at 6:35 PM, JLin said:

I'm not sure if you'll see this but I have a couple of things I'll say. 

I am so angry and frustrated that I did the full IB diploma program. While many people do it elsewhere and have no problem with it, I am literally the only one in my grade at my school doing it (so it's around a 1:165ish ratio!), so I don't have much support in it and it's been so difficult. But then again, if you are going to a school specifically for IB then you probably won't have this same experience. 

Besides that, I do still manage to work a job on the weekends (8hrs each day), do an internship after school each day, then dance too, so basically I often get home around 8-9pm give or take. Of course, I also tutor and do lots of extracurriculars too. So, you can see it is possible to do as much as you'd like, it's just not enjoyable, so if you are someone who wants to do everything and anything (like me, unfortunately), I really advise you to rethink everything because my life is not something I would wish upon anyone. 

But, good luck with what you do and I'm sure you'll figure something out!


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