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Do you know any simulations for an IA?


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I have a very neglectful teacher for chemistry and an even more neglectful IB coordinator. So what would happen is I would come up with a RQ he will the ones he doesn't like and after a few tries I find a RQ he likes then the next day I buy the materials for the lab 5 to 6 hours later he reveals that he doesn't like it anymore and I need need to find a new RQ  and to do it over again.  I am pretty sure this is natural if it happened once. However, he would keep doing this to me for a good 3 weeks maybe I am not just dedicated but I gave up after that. I wasted too much money on materials and too much time was wasted I can't keep up with my other classes.

So I decided to do a simulation, Easier said than done I couldn't find a simulation.  Or they did not work because of it used flash. I was hoping that someone here would have a link for a simulation I plan in shaping my RQ on any simulation I find so the simulation can be of anything chemistry related. 

Thank you in advance.                       

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