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Hi guys!

Recently our Computer Science teacher assigned us to find a topic and a client for our IA. I found my client who requested an android app that would let him save bills of the things he bought and track their warranty date. I liked this idea because it seemed manageable. However, when I presented this idea to my teacher he said that it is an alright idea but I don't have a chance of scoring more than a 5 for it. His reasoning was as follows: firstly, writing anything for android usually requires you to use APIs and supposedly IB tends to grade the projects using APIs poorly, secondly for the project to be graded higher it needs some kind of more advanced calculations.

To be honest, and don't take it the wrong way, I feel like I am capable of scoring something more than a 5 for my work. I feel quite comfortable in this subject, I'm at top of the class actually, and I don't want the fact that I can't find a client for whom I can make a payroll program, to cause me to get a lower grade in the end.
I really am having a hard time finding any topic that would fit my teacher's requirements.

What are your thoughts? Maybe you have some IA ideas you'd like to share? I would be eternally grateful for any help.

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