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Will KCL do Adjustment for BSc Business Management via UCAS in 2022?


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Also, what IB grade is eligible for the "superstar grade" thing?

I don't know what this means exactly though.

My background:

I couldn’t meet their standard requirement. I had to get 35 overall with 766 at HLs, however, I got 34 with 654 at HLs in the predicted grades in IB.

So I decided to apply to different (lower level) universities this time. (which is 2022 Jan submission one.)

However, my mind is still thinking like I want to get into KCL since it was my dream uni. But then I found that there is an application system called an adjustment. Then I wonder if there is still any possibility that I can get into there through adjustment (if I get over 35 with 766 at HLs or even more in a real exam).

But I also heard that top competitive unis like KCL, LSE, UCL won’t do any adjustment thing, especially due to covid this year. To what extent is this true?

The only advantage of taking IB is that the exam result day is pretty earlier than the A-level result day. Maybe we can see the result around the 6th of July.

In the end, do I still have a chance to get into there through either adjustment (=clearing?) or the superstar thing?

I really try to improve my current grades before the real exam for that adjustment…

What do you think?

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