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Hi, for me the IB exams are coming right around the corner and I have been practicing for around 2 weeks with different CEMC Waterloo grade 9, grade 8 and grade 7 tests. I can do the tests but, i'm really worried that I may be missing something or might not be studying everything I should be. I normally don't study this hard for tests since i'm pretty well prepared already but, I have been spending lots of time studying for this test. Definitely shows how high my anxiety is! 😅 

I know that for this year, due to Covid, while submitting your application you were required to also submit an English essay. So, now I just have my math part coming up. 

If there is anyone who is currently studying right now for the test or have already gotten accepted, I just need reassurance that if i'm on the right track when it comes for preparing or studying for the exam and/or if there are some other resources I can use. 😅


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