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Dilemma with Sciences and Theatre :(( (help plz!)

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Hey fellow IB folk :))! 

I'm currently struggling with picking between Physics, Biology and Theatre at the moment, and I was just wondering if it might be possible at all to ask any of you wonderful people who may be taking any of these courses for advice on what to pick at all?? 

I really enjoy both the sciences and drama, and love all of these courses quite a lot. I am considering taking a double major or a bachelor (or something idk yet) in science in university, and would prefer to keep my options open for many universities around the world (particularly ones in the uk/us/aus) (though it does look like I might be doing my undergraduate at least in my home country for affordability reasons <-- my country doesn't have super strict requirements for courses, other than some like engineering which do require physics). 

Some universities which I am interested in also require you to take two sciences (e.g. Oxford). I do understand that it would be better for my to take Chemistry (as it would have more overlap than by taking the combination of Physics and Biology), but (tbh) I didn't do so well this year in Chemistry (because of other reasons which I shouldn't go into now), and do not have a good foundational understanding of key concepts required for next year. I have considered going into medicine, which you need Chemistry for, but I'm not really confident with this year, and I am also genuinely *slightly* more interested in Bio and Physics more.....so....yeah :)) (plus taking Bio might help me if I do decide to go down this path) + (you can always take chemistry courses after ib, riiiiighht????). I am also interested in Biotech and computer science, which kind of requires bio and physics as well :))

I love the arts, and have been doing them for quite a while, so I see them as more of an outlet (which would be nice to have as an actual subject). I have a strong suspicion that it will be easier to obtain the highest grades if I do choose theatre (as I am reasonably good at theatre, understand the process for submitting portfolios, the arts have different submission dates than the sciences, e.t.c.).  I think that I would find bio easier than physics (slightly), but I have more of an interest in physics. Physics also looks better overall for unis, and allows me to go into engineering with less steps outside of school (as I would have to take another maths class as well :(( ).  

^^ I am not the strongest at maths, however, I am not horrible (my strength is more that I am hardworking). Whatever I choose here, I will probably take them both at a Higher Level since these subjects are some of my strongest plays (as well as them being the subjects which I most enjoy). I know that I would be able to put in quite a bit of dedication to any of these subjects, as I love them all <3. Plz help !! 

(thank you - you all are seriously amazing!!)


(if it helps, my current selection is as follows): 

Lang A: English (Lang & Lit - probs HL) 

Lang B: Spanish (Ab Initio - SL) 

Commerce: Economics (either HL or SL) 

Science: Physics (probs HL) 

Art: Theatre (probs HL)  


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