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Should I drop Ib visual arts?


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from the beginning of the year I've been taking Ib visual arts. Its the most interesting class and I really like it. However, its really time consuming and I found myself in situations that I dont have time to take care of myself and have time for other activities. The workload is so much. I really like doing it and the outcome is really good however I am not sure if the cost of taking this class is worth it. After these couple of months i understood that even though i love art and creating art myself, i dont like doing it under so much stress and deadlines, so now im not quite sure if i want to pursue it as a career. However, i am and always will be an artistic person. I just dont know if I should drop the class for my well being and take economics instead or just continue this really really difficult schedule even though i like the outcome? Im really challenged with what i should do. From the one side I really like being creative and and drawing on the process portfolio but on the other side I feel really tired as i spend hours and whole days doing it and i dont know if its worth that much or if im just torturing myself

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