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i need help choosing my subjects!!!!


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Hi, I want to study mechanical/ particular physics and aerospace engineering at MIT or Caltech. 

I'm in my first year of the DP

My subjects are Spanish Language and Literature hl, physics hl, business management hl, English B SL, maths aa SL and chemistry SL.

Okay, my problem is that maths and I are not good friends; but I think I will need maths in hl because they will tell me that I have to do it to solicited in this uni or I will need this content for the classes, and I don't find on the web of MIT the specifications with the subjects in hl, I only find that I need a 39 or more. and if I change to hl I have to change one subject to sl, 'cause I don't want to die with four hl subjects, and I want to decrease the level of Spanish, but my school recommends me to decrease business management, because of the difficult of bm hl is much more than Spanish hl; and the crazy thing is that if I decrease the bm to sl my timetable of the school is not good for my subjects and they don't gonna change this because I wanted. EVERYTHING IS A PROBLEM

I don't know what to do.😭

For the people with experience in maths aa hl, what do you recommend me? or just someone who gives me an advice, please?

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