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I'm doing a SL Math IA about Minimum Wage Versus Unemployment Rates... does anyone have any tips or help as I'm really nervous :(

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I'm doing an SL Math IA for the first time and I'm really scared. I'm not even sure if my topic is valid or anything, nor has my teacher posted any exemplars to help guide me so I'm literally lost. Does anyone have any tips to format or write or anything? 


Thank you!

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5 hours ago, Chazee373 said:

It is a great topic but it could also be a common one. However, you can be happy that you've some direction towards what you want to work on. I suggest you read - Macroeconomics by Krugman. It could give you the necessary guidance and understanding to instill you with confidence.  

Great! Thank you, I will surely look into it!

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