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Failed IB due to CAS- what next...please help! really desperate!


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Dear All,

I found this forum to be very supportive and I have a rather unfortunate and desperate question.

My son was doing well till mid yr 11 and then got into some video gaming distraction. He failed to hand in his CAS, and we were told that he cannot get his IB Diploma. Now he needs to take exams in May 2022 and we are really desperate to know what he can do with the IB certificates. He has realized his blunder is quite demotivated but still wants to do extremely well in his IB exams. 

He has taken Chem, Bio and German at HL and Maths, English as first language and Global politics at SL. 

Is there any hope at all for redoing the CAS? How can this be done. The school IB coordinator is totally pissed off and has little to offer in terms of help. We are ok to send him to any university that is willing to take his certificates (of course provided he gets past them with good scores)

Does anyone know if there is a possibility for foundation years at any UK university or elsewhere in Europe

I am also reaching out tot universities, but this takes a while tog et responses, and I want to plan ahead

Any guidance will be greatly appreciated, and thanks in advance for reading and helping!


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