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6HLs and 1 SL by requirement


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For senior year in the IB diploma, there are 5 HL courses I have to take:

HL English

HL Studies in Literature

HL Business Leadership

HL Physics

HL Science

I’m assuming this is allowed because I can’t graduate with the diploma without these courses.

For SL I take,

SL French

SL Math

There is no HL Math offered at my school. However, there is an HL Math online course. I need to take HL Math for the university programs I want to apply to. So, I would have to take 6 HL courses, one SL course, and a TOK course. Do you think this would be allowed?

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I don't think so unfortunately, the ib allows you to take either 3 or 4 HLs. It does not sound possible or realistic to take 6HL subjects (since people barely even take 4 HLs-- 3HLs+3SLs already gave you too much work). Also, I'm assuming "English HL" and "Studies in Literature HL", are actually one subject (English Literature HL). Personally I have no idea what do you mean by "Science HL", you need to specify that: which science subject is that? (It looks like you took double science instead of an art subject, which is fine). 

Now I assumed that your subjects are supposed to be: 

HL: English Lit, Physics, Business, Science (which one?), Mathematics
SL: French

5HLs is still not allowed, unfortunately. You need to drop one (or two) HL subject(s), and I think 4 HLs is going to be harsh. But good luck, hopefully it helps :)

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