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so uh my spanish teacher's really really crappy. I only had a semester's worth of spanish and right now I'm finishing up my second semester, she's a native speaker and pretty much expects us to talk, read and write the same way that natives do, completely ignoring the fact that most of us only took a semester's worth of spanish before taking this class. Thing is I had online school last semester, so teaching was p limited and class time was cut. Anyway she's going to be my IB spanish teacher next year, knowing her she'll probs try to teach it as HL, so I wanna get somewhat ahead and prepare for her class. Can someone give me any tips and advice on how I can prepare? 

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I recommend you watching films, TV shows or any TV programme that is originally in Spanish. I always try to watch series in the original language (usually English) and I can tell I have improved a lot. You can start with subtitles in English, and when you feel ready, change them to Spanish. You will understand Spanish soon.

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