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Modelling for Maths AASL


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I have researched into three models I want to use for my IA which are the logistic model and the Gompertz model (differential equations) and my own equation which is piece wise (I solved through algebra and simultaneous equations and etc). My problem is that I have a dataset with the volume of the tumour over a period of time by a university already and I am worried that trying to fit this data with the 2 different models (solving each differential equation first to get the algebraic form) and calculating the total variance (residual values) for each model(the y value of the model - the actual y value for a specific set of x values^2) to determine which model is the most accurate may not be sufficient in terms of complexity for AASL. What do guys think I could do to ensure that I get as many marks as I can for the use of the mathematics section? I am worried because anyone can find the solution to the differential equation for logistic and gompertz and I am worried that I am not doing enough.




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