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Should I do the full IB diploma?


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Hello, I'm a pre-IB sophomore.  This week I have to choose whether to do part IB or full IB. My #1 goal is to get into the University of Virginia (I live in VA). Will full IB increase my chances of getting into UVA? Or should I just do a lot of AP classes instead

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I hope whatever you chose, u r happy with it. I chose Full IB cz i wanted to challenge myself. So think abt that. Don't think abt if it will help u get in a uni or not. Das the whole point of IB. It's abt learning and challenging not if u will get into some uni or not. IB DOES NOT help ur chances of getting into a uni even tho the CAS rlly helps cz then u r forced to do extracurriculars. But with AP u kinda get too busy forget abt tht and unis REALLY focus on extracurriculars. Anyways, goodluck!!

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