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BM HL IA: Force field analysis at the beginning or at the end?

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I see that most people do it as their first tool in their IAs, and I also read an article with tips on how to structure the IA and they said qualitative tools first. However, as I understand it, any conclusion drawn from my other tools could be a force right? Like let's say I find, using ratios, that the business's financial position is not very good. Wouldn't that be a restraining force?

Maybe I don't understand well enough how this tool works, if you feel that way please tell me. But for me it sounds like a good idea to leave the force field analysis for the end and partially base it on the other tools. Will that look bad or penalize me, or is it alright?

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3 hours ago, Ibmessedupwme said:

yo hi! I guess looking at an IA would help you gain a better insight, if you wish i could send you my BM IA? My teacher gave me a 24/25 i guess? i dont remember but yeah, like if you wish, i could help you

Sure, that would be great. Thanks!

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