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Trouble with EE - urgent


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It is the first of December of my first year and I have still not even picked any material to analyze for my EE, as each one of my ideas gets rejected to the point that I am out of options. I have selected Perfume, A Clockwork Orange, Berserk, The Hobbit and some others, and each one just does not sit right with my supervisor. She instead gave me two books to work on, A Pearl by Steinbeck and The Old Man And The Sea by Hemingway, which... really haven't been able to interest me enough to analyze. Besides, they are simply not the genre that I am interested in. I have recently asked my supervisor about the option to analyze Carrie by Stephen King, but she gave me a vague answer and hasn't elaborated since.

The only other thing I can think of is maybe a comparison of Edgar Allan Poe's works and Nikolai Gogol's, exploring the theme of paranoia and psychological horror within their tales. But yet again, I fear that my idea will get rejected. I really do not understand if this is an issue with my supervisor or an issue with me and my preferences in general. I cannot pick a different subject either - as I am planning to go into journalism in university. 

The genres I'm interested in include horror (of any kind), sci-fi, fantasy and maybe something with religious or mythological symbolism or connotations. I don't mind any category - I just need fairly concise material (around 250-300 or less pages) and something that is 100% supported in the IB system. I'm honestly stuck and desperate, the idea that I might fail IB and ruin my future because of core subjects is slowly consuming me and I have practically nobody to help me. My diagnosed ADHD and clinical depression have not been of any help either. 

...So, yeah. If anyone has any suggestions or advice or something like that, it would be a huge help. I just want to find something suitable enough and get it over with already - I can write about anything, but cannot concentrate on reading for the life of me if it is not interesting enough. 

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