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Ever since the second year of my DP (DP 2) started, all my friends have become increasingly distant from me. With university application deadline and the semester exams coming up, they have all been sticking with only those who are of use to them and taking advantage of them. However when I started with my applications and studying for my exams on my own they started discouraging me when I work, telling me that I'd never be able to finish the applications before deadlines, and that I am undeserving to be anything at all because I was late at all of this and I'm pretty slow.

This has led me into depression where I cant think of anything that makes me happy, If anyone relates, and can help me with this, I have no idea of what to do right now. Today one of them who has been ignoring me for days made fun of me and put his hand on my head, while calling me a failure then after I squeezed and pushed his hand away, he pushed me and told me to stay in my limits and that I'm nothing compared to him and his scores. He jokingly keeps telling me to commit suicide especially during the board exams because due to it they would just get canceled and all would get 45/45. IT FUNNY FOR THEM  

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