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What if my predicted grades do not meet the uni requirement...?

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I honestly wanted to go to kings college to study business and management... However, my predicted grades probably won't be high enough. In the uni entry requirement, I had to get 766 at HLs, but I will probably get 755 at HLs... I was also planning to apply to cass business school that also requires higher grades such as 18 points in HLs and 35 points overall including tok and ee... (HLs; 755, SL; 7 at business, 55)
So what I want to say is, hopeless. That's it. I don't know what to do. I can't focus on studying anything at all almost 3 weeks after the d2 Mock exam, which judged me to get low grades... I honestly am lost and feel nothing and stressed, depressed and disappointed about myself. Honestly, what should I do now? I'm not considering other unis since kcl and cass are my dream unis. Also I don't take a gap year.
Im sure i can do much better in the real exam, let's say 39 (HL; 766, SL; 7business, 6english b, 5chemistry), but just the predicted grades do not meet the uni requirement.
So my question is, to what extent do i still have hope to get into those unis? Also, what happens if I the predicted grades don't meet unis requirement (either 766 or 18 points at HL) but meet them in the real exam? Will they still reject me?
sorry the question and explanation are not summarise but im just so lost

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