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Im New to IB. What are the best subject combos for someone who wants to aim for Ivy league?


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I am about to start my first year in IB next jan. I am aiming for harvard specifically. In the future I want to major in economics in undergrad. Please suggest me what subject combinations would impress schools like harvard? ( except for HL physics. I've been warned too many times.) 

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A lot of universities indicate under the admission requirements what subjects they require. For example I want to study computer science and a university I want to apply to said "a hl score of 766 with a 39 total score, the 7 being in mathematics AA and the 66 being in any other subject of your choice". Some universities can recommend subjects to do for your other hl subjects placed under optional subject requirements. My best advice is to choose hl subject in things that you are strong at you can do economics and business management in hl since some aspects are similar and another language or a science or math.

Hope this helps.

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Usually, universties like to see applicants with Math AA HL and/or Physics HL, basically because they're quite challenging subjects. This means they'll perceive you as a competitive candidate. However, you need to evaluate your limits. Don't push yourself in doing 3 super hard HL subjects just to lose points on the exams and get behind on the coursework and IAs. From personal experience, i would absolutely die if i had maths and physics HL, but if you like the subjects and they're interesting to you go for them!

If you want to impress, perhaps consider putting Maths AA HL. Then choose the other ones based on what you like or what you want to do in college. I'm taking Chemistry HL and i like it, if you're interested in science. Apart from that, try choosing subjects you like and won't give you such a hard time. And good luck!

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