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Can you be too good to take English B?


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I previously posted about this but I really hated Spanish ab and my teacher wasn't good. I was considering switching to English B but that also required switching from English A to Hebrew A (Hebrew is my first language and English is my second). After talking to many teachers about it I ended up going for it, it went really well too and I had a good time. Until my IB coordinator (and English A teacher) told me today that they decided I can't keep doing it due to my English being too good (we had an assessment at the start of the year and apparently I scored among the highest across the entire school). Now I'm kinda stuck though, not only did I miss about 7 or so classes in each course I also need to go back to Spanish which I'd really rather not. So I was wondering, is it possible being too good for a language B? Who's decision would it be if it is? I know my friend is also fluent in both languages and is taking Hebrew A and English B and they probably didn't do anything about it because she chose those courses at the start as opposed to moved in later. I also asked the coordinator if I can take a language ab course online since I saw that's possible but she said they don't offer it here and I'm starting to run out of options while remaining stubborn. Any ideas or suggestions? Her main argument was that English B will be easy and I'll get lazy because they tried it in the past with other students and that's how it turned out. I plan to argue I'll get lazier in Spanish and to maybe stay in these classes after the term exam so she'll see my overall grades improved.

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