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Does KCL care about SL subject grades?


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I checked the uni website and it said you have to get minimum 35 overall including tok and ee, with 766 from HLs.
And I wonder why the requirement is slightly lower than other unis like ucl, lse, imprial, etc...
So technically, is it possible to get the conditional offer with the grade like 445 from SLs but 766 from HLs and 3 points from TOK and EE so its exactly 35 in total?
I'm aiming for business and management.

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Yup, you're correct, UK universities care primarily about your higher level subjects. Sometimes they'll specify also that they want no grade lower than X (e.g. 5). 

KCL lowered their entry requirements for IB the year I was applying for uni (2012), and they've stayed like that ever since. This is in recognition of the difficulty of the IB. 

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