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Stay in IB, but drop Tok, CAS, and IB diploma


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I'm a good student going to a school with a pretty decent reputation, and I want to go to a couple of state colleges that are known for being "above average". Not Ivy-League. Basically, ASU, OSU, WSU, maybe Colorado School of Mines. Computer Science. I have a 3.5 GPA, and a 1300 SAT, and a handful of glowing teacher recommendations. I'm a smart kid, but my grades suffered from lack of laser focus. If I'm applying to colleges today (early admission) and honors colleges, and I GET IN, what do you think the consequences will be if they find out I graduate without the IB diploma? I can explain it was because I started working professionally as a senior after school (which is true, and verifiable). But I don't have a feeling for how annoyed the college admissions bureau would be. 


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