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Can I still apply to kcl business even if I don't meet their English requirement?


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I study ib, not a-level. And I take English B SL.

On the uni website, it says that the requirement for English for business and management is either English B 7 or IELTS 7.0 with minimum 6.5 from each sections.

Then here is the point.
- I definitely can't get 7 from English B. (I think i can get maximum 6 or minimum 5.)
- For the IELTS score, 7.0 is pretty hard to get as my current grade is 6.0 overall. (only speaking is 6.5 and others are like 5.5 or something)

I know, in general, I should be able to meet these english requirement as otherwise I will struggle with uni life in the future. So, possibly, I will be able to get 7.0 before the uni entrance, which is september in 2022.

However, i probably won't be able to get it before the ucas deadline, as my english is not good enough now.

Do you think they're going to reject me if I get 6 from sl english b with no submission of ielts score (cuz it doesn't meet) but meet their standard requirement? (this is about the case if i got 38 or 39 overall)

Their standard requirement is 35 with 766 from HLs including ee and tok.

What do you think?

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