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Issues with Language ab Class


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I've started my first year of IB in September and for the most part everything's been going great, my current courses are: English A HL, Spanish ab SL, Anthropology HL, Computer Science HL, Math AI SL and Visual Arts HL. I'm pretty satisfied with most of them besides Spanish, I enjoy most of my classes to some extent but Spanish is starting to get more and more insufferable to attend. I really like language acquisition and it's a topic I'm passionate about but because of the methods they use to teach it here it's just becoming more annoying and I feel like I'm not learning anything. I would normally just switch to a different course (I did that from Biology to Computer Science) but I don't really have a better option when it comes to group 2. My school currently offers Spanish ab, Arabic ab and English B (Most of us speak English as a second language), Spanish and Arabic both posess the exact same problem for me and English B I can't take alongside English A, I could potentially take Hebrew A (My first language) and English B but I prefer English A both because I feel like I can better express myself in English and I want to study abroad after this. So I'm kinda out of options and I find it a bit hard to think about taking either Spanish or Arabic for 2 years... Before coming to the IB I started self studying Japanese and while I haven't gotten too far I do want to continue it since it's a language I have a personal interest in, I was wondering if that would be possible as a self taught ab language? Or do you guys have any other recommendations or suggestions?

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