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Need Help on Finding Viable Math AA SL Topic


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Check out this blog post for a bunch of ideas: https://www.blog-posts.lanternaeducation.com/ib-blog/50-ib-maths-ia-topic-ideas/ 

Another way to find an idea is to take a look through a math textbook that isn't an IB one, but is at a similar level, and see if there are any topics that you find interesting! I found my math IA idea by looking through an AP Calculus textbook and looking at the "exploration" boxes where they talk about interesting concepts that aren't strictly on the syllabus! Hope this helps :)

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On 10/25/2021 at 5:49 PM, Djatmiko said:

Well I'm extremely behind schedule and I still haven't found any viable topic for my IA. Any idea of a viable topic to use that isn't extremely hard? Thanks in advance.

as someone else mentioned optimization is a great topic. i would also suggest normal distribution 

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