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IB AAF- How do you write an analysis essay for math???


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10 hours ago, depressedibchild said:

I'm totally blanking on what these things are called, but we have to write an essay for math on the topic of mean data models and linear regression. How is it possible to write a full length essay on that, and can you help me please with some formatting? Thank you so much!

i'm not sure what u specifically have to write for the essay but maybe do something like recording timing of you running 100m, perhaps have something like 40 samples (u could just make them up if u want) and then using the data produce mean data models and a scatter graph to check for linear regressions then explain the results and maybe compare them to something else idk. so something like an ib math ia (exploration) but maybe the essay is just supposed to be research on the topic. please check with your teacher and classmates what i gave is just a suggestion. good luck!!  

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