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Golden Ratio in Art


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hey guys,

I basically chose golden ratio in art (i know very basic) but I'm seriously not the best in Math and I just chose this because why not, i didn't expect this to be so overused. My IA is due very soon and I'm basically making my own art using the golden ratio for personal engagement as well. 

this is basically my investigation:

I will pick samples of paintings, 3 paintings which do not fulfill the golden ratio and 3 paintings which use golden ratios, as well as two paintings I have made with the use of golden ratio. The data collected will be taken through a survey. I will distribute a survey (a) Female (15-20) (b) Male (15-20) about the rank of quality of the painting. I then will be using Spearman’s Rank to measure the strength and direction of the association between two sets of data when ranked by each of their quantities. My Hypothesis is that the artwork with the golden ratio has higher ranks than those without the golden ratio.

so yeah please tell me if this is weak or not. should I change my IA?

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