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should i switch from buisness sl to history sl


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12 hours ago, GeorgeL said:

my dielema is that while i find buisness easy, I also find it vary boring, while on the other hand I am fishinated by history, so should I change subjects and go from buisness sl to history sl

I would suggest that you don't switch unless you want to do something related to history in uni because business is a very easy subject especially if you have done it before IB so scoring a 6 or 7 is very much likely and business exams are one of the easiest the grade boundaries are kind of low too, when history I assume is more complicated and you have so much to memorize, I've done geography in igsce before and even though I enjoyed it and got an A in it, I remember crying a lot the night before my exam cuz of how much I had to memorize specifically case studies, which is very similar to history. basically I say stick with business since it will score you more points for your total also you would have missed a few units from the history course which will be hard to catch up on and later when you further your studies I'm sure you'll have an opportunity to major in a subject you enjoy but ofc the decision is yours do what you think is right for you.

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