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Hello all, I am taking the IB course (2020-2022 batch) with the subjects Comp Sci HL, Maths MAI HL, Physics HL, Biology SL, English Lit Lang SL, and French AB Initio SL.

I want to apply to a US uni/college (in California) with my major being Computer Science.

Just recently the IB Coordinator for my school has informed me that I need a good reason to take 3 sciences and no group 3 subjects (hence becoming an irregular IB diploma).

Could someone help me understand what exactly is happening and what I need to do to get a good reason for my irregular IB course? I don't really need group 3 subjects for a major in computer science.


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To be frank, I doubt you'd get approval to do an irregular diploma. Irregular diplomas are usually for people who need HL Bio, Physics and Chem for medicine in certain countries. The US will not require this. You can do the current combination, but you won't get the full IBDP. 

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