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Has anyone an English language and literature category 3 EE example?


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I´m currently starting my DP2 year and I really need to start working on my EE. I´m doing my EE in English language and literature. The topic of my EE currently is "Represantation of societal problems in rap music" this means that my EE falls in the category 3. I´ve been trying really hard to find a sample EE in this category, but I just can´t find any . If anyone has written their EE in this category or written an EE about song text analysis I would be super thankful if you could share it with me, because right now I honestly have absolutly no clue what I´m supposed to do.

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give me your email, i'll sent mine to you, my topic was "To what extent is Pink Floyd’s “Another Brick in the Wall” both a protest and a warning?"
However, just note that from 2021 onwards, lyrics are considered to fall under the umbrella of poetry for IB, and hence, it constitutes as literary, making your ee group 1

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