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Should I take CS or physics to study robotics?


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Hello. I am a high school student from Russia and going to IB year 1. I want to study robotics in UK and my school offers me Physics and Computer science for this. My teachers said that physics is necessary for studying at such course, and that in this case CS is less important. Now I don’t know whether I should pick Physics HL or Computer science HL.

also I will take maths AA HL

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Check what the prerequisites for you chosen courses are! Some universities will actually not care about (/not require)  IB CS, even if you want to study robotics, since CS isn't offered at too many IB schools. So I'd personally go the safer route and take Physics HL and CS SL if you can. But again, check what the requirements for your chosen university are!! This is super important. 

Hope I could help. 

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