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Should I take Chemistry if I want to study engineering?


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Hi, I am on my sophomore year and have to choose my Ib subjects by September. 

I would like to study engineering but I am not sure if I should take chemistry in Ib or not. I am currently planning to take: Maths HL, Physics HL, Visual Arts HL, English SL, Spanish SL and business management SL. I am not sure if chemistry is required, and I don't like the course enough to take it on Ib. 

Should I take chemistry? I am planning to study civil/ mechanical engineering. 

Thank you. 


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Unless you want to study Chemical engineering or something more particular, you really don't need Chemistry. Plus doing two sciences is a pain in the ass. I give this advice a lot, but just check the websites for the courses you want to study. They'll specifically say what subjects are required to study a given course.


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