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Some Chemistry IA Ideas


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My Chemistry teacher has been very good about posting IA resources for us, so I thought that I'd share them here. 


Possible IA Chem Real Labs
1. Stoichiometry – investigating eggshell(Type of egg/Age of chicken)
2. Stoichiometry – investigating anti acid tablets
3. Kinetics – Effect of Conc/Type/Temp of acid on rate
4. Effect of Temp on Vapour Pressure
5. Effect of Acid/Ph on eggshell/teeth
6. Effect of Conc on E of a cell
7. Effect of Current/Time on electroplating of zinc on iron nails.
8. Effect of time on decomposition of Hydrogen peroxide
9. Effect of Temp on Conductivity of Water/solution
10. Enthalpy of combustion of alcohols
11. Investigation of Iron/Vitamin C in foods (effect of temp)

Possible Chemistry IA topics


  1. Which takes longer to freeze cold water or hot water?

  2. Effect of solutes on freezing point/ boiling point of water

  3. Shapes of molecules – use data base

  4. Investigation of Periodic Trends – use data base

  5. Are compact fluoroscents more efficient? LEDs

  6. Efficiency of new school

  7. Data from local water treatment plant

  8. Investigate Intermolecular forces

  9. Investigate Heats of neutralization

  10. Investigate heat of rxn – alcohol lamps 

  11. Investigate Redox Cell – Conc, SA etc

  12. Investigate Electrolysis – Conc, SA,Time , Current

  13. Investigate one aspect of a homologous series – mp, bp, volatility

  14. Rate of Rxn

  15. Effect of Acid on shells(carbonates) use eggs!

  16. Relate Molar Mass of a Gas

  17. Mass of Iron in an Iron Table

  18. Effect of Temp on Rate Alka Selzer – mentos/coke

  19. Determine Vit C of a tablet 

  20. Evaluate antacid tabs see ufv lab

  21. Effectiveness of different Salts on road snow removal

  22. The use of different fruits to chelate heavy metals from polluted water sources

  23. Effect of temp on Vit C content in red pepper juice

  24. Determination of residual chlorine conc vs distance from water treatment plant 

  25. Corrosion and Prevention

  26. Effect of temp on value of K

  27. Effect of temp on value of Ksp for Ca(OH2

  28. Determination of absolute zero using P vs T

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