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IB Business Management HL IA Suggestion

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Hi, I have a question about My IA. My IA HL is about how to improve productivity using business models and tools. The business I'm doing is the store that sells sports equipment. I have two questions relate to that:

  1. I may be proposed for them to use Total Quality Management/Quality Circle to solve the problem. It is necessary that I have to have the same mindset as the management team at the business? I mean if I use it but the business doesn't plan to use it, is ok? But in my work, I will also identify some costs of apply TQM / Quality Circle.

  2. I am planning to use TQM/Quality Circle to survey the company's employees to see what problem they encounter to see if it is necessary to use TQM/Quality Circle or not. Can you advise me what kind of question should I ask or if it is better any source on the internet that I can reference so that I can easier make my survey?

Thanks very much in advance

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Productivity can be improved with many tools. We in our company have increased the number of clients through presentations. I decided to turn to powerpoint design services as I understood that I would not have time to complete the material on time. Thanks to the experts, we were able to show our clients all our advantages and our income has almost doubled.

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