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ee on ya literature


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hey guys, so i am doing my ee on english lit. i personally love reading, specially ya novels. and my teacheres say they arent that worth it. i've been trying to find books that are viable for it. one of my ideas is the catcher in the rye, but i dont really like it. so i would love to get som help.

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Had you written in detail about your particular genre and angle of interest, I could have been of more help. Also, I'd love to listen to your idea on The Catcher in the Rye.  But if I have to give a general suggestion, you could take up Arthur Miller's The Crucible as a topic of study. The play based on real events charts the course of the Salem Witch Trials conducted in the 17th century. As the play is fictionalized around absurd real events, it offers a multitude of research and writing angles. I strongly suggest you read the play.

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