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English EE on Eminem help


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Hey guys,

I've decided to write my English EE on various Eminem songs. My rq is not fully done but it should be along the lines of: "How does Eminem use stylistic devices to effectively portray the diminishing effects of violence in his songs?" My supervisor told me to have 6 songs and connect them to 3 types of violence (domestic violence, emotional, etc.) My dilemma right now is that finding high-quality secondary sources on Eminem's lyricism is nearly impossible and that my EE in general is way too simple. I feel that broadening my topic to rap in general (rather than just Eminem himself) will make it easier to find secondary sources. However, I'm stuck on what I should research and analyze in the topic of rap music, as I feel that violence in rap songs would be too shallow. I'm thinking maybe my rq should be on the evolution of rap, or how violence and/or sexualization has progresses in the history of rap music. 

Please consider giving me some suggestions! (I have to hand in my first draft by the end of summer 🙃)


Charles 😀


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