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English A Language & Literature EE: research question on James Bond


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Hi everyone,

I am struggling with my research question so I would like to ask for your opinion and help. I have originally chosen two books Dr No and On Her Majesty's Secret Service both original Bond novels by Ian Fleming, from which I wanted to choose just one for my EE. First, I was determined to do OHMSS, then I switched to Dr No, but now I have no idea what to choose because I'm struggling with my research question. In case of Dr No, I would like to explore the depiction of women (namely the leading Bond girl) and try to prove that she is actually not that 'overly sexualized stereotype', or an object 'of go-be-looked-at-ness' as usually understood and said about women in Bond. I just don't know how to formulate it...

I would like to write something in the sense of

'To what extent is the portrayal of Honeychile Ryder (the leading Bond girl) stereotypical, sexualized, etc?


To what extent does the portrayal of Honeychile Ryder comply with the stereotypical, sexualized depiction of women in the James Bond novels (/franchise)? / TWE does the portrayal ... comply with the current views on women depiction in James Bond novels (/franchise)? 

Of course, it can't be written in this exact way, so I'm looking for help. What do you think about the questions? Do you have any suggestion for a good formulation? And which do you find the best?

(Alternatively, I would write about marriage in OHMSS, something in the sense of TWE does the depiction of marriage in OHMSS comply with its traditional perception in the 1960s (the era when the novel was published)? Or, TWE is marriage (depicted as) an important phenomenon (in the life of the male protagonist - James Bond) in OHMSS? But I feel like those questions and topic may not be appropriate either. What do you think? Which option (portrayal of a Bond girl or marriage) do you find better for EE?)

Thank you in advance!

(And sorry for the excessively long message (though I feel like writing tons of complicated, overly embellished and de facto useless stuff is IB at its best:)).

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