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Remarking M21

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Hi guys so I am considering getting some subjects remarked!

History HL: 2 points away from a 7

TOK: 1 point away from a B

EE: 5 points away from an A

Psychology HL: 5 points away from a 7 ( I was also really sick during the Psych exams so the IB approved a kind of policy which considers bumping me up to the next grade if I narrowly missed the next grade so i was thinking even if I don't fully get all 5 marks in the remark I might still have a chance to get a 7? )

Maths AA SL: 5 points away from a 6

I am not sure if the ones with a 5-mark gap to the next grade are worth it... ( I did look up online, some people did get more than 5 marks in their remarking so its not entirely impossible plus these subjects are also mainly subjective.... however 5 marks do seem like its a really slight chance as well...) so I really need some honest opinions on which subjects are more viable for remarking and should I still give these a go! Please be nice in the comments :) ! Thank you so much!

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