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OKAY SO Y'ALL, my school, the f-ed up organization it is, JUST told us that they don't give out the login credentials to us? LIKE IT'S MY RESULT BESTIE, IM SUPPOSED TO BE ABLE TO SEE IT!? it makes no sense? It comes out tomorrow, and I wanted to shoot a reaction video but now I'll apparently be "told" ab my result on a stupid PHONE CALL? my school is absolutely the worst, when did y'all get your personal code and pin?

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You can still shoot a reaction video, just of the phone call (if I sent this in time)

Yes I understand that's not the point of your post. Unfortunately the school is allowed to withhold the pin.

I believe personally I got them around December or January, as I had to upload EE directly. Though my memory could be failing me. It's somewhere around that time

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