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They tell you to only do an EE in maths if you are really, really passionate about maths - I'm not sure that's the case if you're only doing it at SL. There's also an IA in maths so maybe you could do probability there if that's something you're particularly interested in. 

But if you choose to go ahead with this topic, right now it's really general. Basic probability will probably be too simple so you will want to go into more detail than that. At the same time it can't be too vague, but should go above and beyond the syllabus (so you should be familiar with the IB syllabus regarding probability already/soon). Also think about how you'd include critical analysis/thinking with that topic. 

Before you submit it to your teacher or try to find a supervisor it should be a lot more specific than this

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If you ever get a practice IA, write it on this topic you are thinking of. If it's really good, maybe use it for your real thing or what I did which was made it into a Math EE then wrote something random for the IA.

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