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What happens if I got 1 or 2 or 3 from maths ai hl in the mock exam in d1? Do I fail or I dont fail?


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i am a d1 student who studies japanese, english, chemistry, maths, economics and business.

A week ago, I had the first time of mock exam. Then, I feel like I am going to take 1 or 2 or 3 from maths ai hl in mock exam in d1. (Because I made so many stupid mistakes...) Then, I am scared if this result causes me to fail in the exam, meaning remaining the same year, d1. (In the past first and second term grade of maths were 4 and 3.)

My school officially says like this; "As part of these examinations, there will be an expectation, placed upon all D1 students that in order for them to continue onto the Diploma Programme in D2, they need to achieve 24 points in these examinations from their six subjects.  If any student does not achieve this score (the baseline expectation to receive an IB Diploma) then they will be guided towards a potential bespoke route in consultation with the student, their parents/guardians and subject teachers."

Does this mean that if I get 1 from one subject and 5 or 6 from other subjects, I am fine? (because the total point is going to be over 24 in this case.)

Also, does this "24 points" mean only this time mock exam? It does not include the past term grades like I got 4 and 3? (Because I thought they can help my grade to keep or not to fail...)

Personally, this is the cause of stress now because I am thinking about whether I can be a d2 in the next year, every day since I realised I literary ended my maths in the mock. 

Sorry, can anyone figure out this??

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