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Why IB is Amazing


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It's not... Before I start I want to mention I got a Level 7 in basically every subject in grade 11, just so you know im not an idiot complaining. I dropped IB for grade 12 and it was a great decision. Imagine having to write 3 IA's, the ee, the ib exams and a whole bunch of other crap in the span of 1 year. There is no way you could end up with good marks and not be miserable. Every single person that I know that has completed the IB diploma was doing homework or studying every single day for the entire school year. Lol all that work for literally no reason. If you need IB to "prepare you for uni" then congrats you're an idiot. I've made just over $60,000 USD last year in grade 12 school year through  trading, ecommerce, and a bunch of other things. I made a bunch of memories with friends and had an amazing time, all while maintaining a 96.6 average. If I had stuck to IB I wouldn't have made the money I did, I wouldn't have had the fun I did, I wouldn't have made the memories I did, and I wouldn't have learned the skills I did. Yea sure IB prepares you for uni but if you cant make that adjustment between Highschool and uni yourself then maybe you shouldn't even be going to uni lol, jk. At the end of the day the cons of IB outweigh the pros 100:1, but hey that's just my opinion if you want to waste time go ahead.

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