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I want to do my maths IA on astronomy, but I don't really know where to start. My initial idea was to predict the distance between earth and three other stars as well as how much time would I loose on earth if I visited each star and came back, although my teacher said that's too advanced and something I'd do in university not now. So he suggested that I'd do something related to old nautical instruments of navigation (eg: astrolabe); he thought I could understand how these work and how unreliable they were, but I'm not very interested in that. I really want to do something related to space, stars, galaxies, even "time travel" perhaps. 

Do you have any ideas?


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Honestly while all those topics sound really interesting, I would focus on something that you can do well. Don't forget to show that you are creative, try different methods to find a result, and include lots of critical analysis at several intervals throughout your investigation. 

Maybe you could do something to do with fractals (wave, islands, etc) or some kind of modelling. 

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